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you and I


I like the night air ,for it tells me a story

I can build a mansion higher than dreams

but when I dream I dream of you…..

Now I can touch my life and light

when light shines through the trees

a deep melancoly settles deep inside my heart

for I hear the guitar playing……

when its gold and green
…feel it in the air….
catch it if you can for
we are all fragile…..
when we break our heart

compassion,  tolerance, endurance,  faith, and much more breaks
yet in the end even if nothing is in perfection
some how somewhere love finds you….
so hold on to your heart…for
smile is just the begining of love


as we live

as the clouds part ways for the sunshine
the legions of my heart are bleeding
letter drops wrapped in the fragrance of winter
I am retrieving things I will lose one day
for I am shaped by the morality
the longing that the wind swept away
like a scholar in exile
Even if at times,the road looks to far
I hope it carries my feelings to you
Even if tears fall..until every thing becomes a past
beyond the dreams of history
sleepwalk..for it was like a mid summer night’s dream

tranquil mind


Let time create its own saga
In this hazy half lit world
Timed by an ageless hourglass
Awashed in a flamboyant style
My perfect imperfections

Meandering in half lit alleys
my blunt edges stare
down and around my moods
I am a bit crazy maybe..

Yet soothing and captivating
in the warm ambient lighting
A trigger captured my eyes
A smile that reaches deep inside
such is nature’s beauty


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Light kindled with burning fire of desire
Night is like a black stone sapphire
Freedom is all I want…
Pains never venture to leave me alone

The world is changing…for change is around me
Like a spy of sorts I drift past…
i am one with no regrets
have I thought about this.. well

When mind is fearless… head turns high
My hands seek perfection in fruitfull service.
My voyage seems to have no end…

Old fears die with exhaustion..
Nothing is static… how can I be
Whispers say nothing can touch me
Something like perfection…oh stay with me

Unmasking the phantom

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Deep on my spirit,
Unmasking the phantom
savagely, they scream
Like laughter lost in echo
the two types of people in the world…
hopeless romantics and realists
what genre am I ,I sometimes wonder…

My heart heavy with the momentum of retrospect,
hope vanishes slowly
I whisper to myself, “No…”
dream a paradise where one
performs grandiose gestures

Phantom of  opera
Angel of Music
A ceramic doll’s heart has started to open again
when an angel came from the stars
to fall from a cliff
hide in the darkness

for you are my shining star
I shall await,here and ever-after…

A stroll through the clouds


A stroll through the clouds is what I dream,
A Step out of the concrete jungle into a realm high,
Where the walls are veiled by leaves,
And I can see hues in the sky,
This path is not trodden much,
Yet the plot seems so familiar,

The trouble of losing your mind,
or the time that’s gone by,
I glanced at my watch,
while I slept beneath the stars
And dream of the colossal fortitude
Which forms the pillows in his celebration,
how thoughtlessly I strolled!
When I awoke it was daylight,
To tell the truth, To my surprise,
I made a friend. I came home.

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