you and I


I like the night air ,for it tells me a story

I can build a mansion higher than dreams

but when I dream I dream of you…..

Now I can touch my life and light

when light shines through the trees

a deep melancoly settles deep inside my heart

for I hear the guitar playing……

when its gold and green
…feel it in the air….
catch it if you can for
we are all fragile…..
when we break our heart

compassion,  tolerance, endurance,  faith, and much more breaks
yet in the end even if nothing is in perfection
some how somewhere love finds you….
so hold on to your heart…for
smile is just the begining of love


as we live

as the clouds part ways for the sunshine
the legions of my heart are bleeding
letter drops wrapped in the fragrance of winter
I am retrieving things I will lose one day
for I am shaped by the morality
the longing that the wind swept away
like a scholar in exile
Even if at times,the road looks to far
I hope it carries my feelings to you
Even if tears fall..until every thing becomes a past
beyond the dreams of history
sleepwalk..for it was like a mid summer night’s dream

tranquil mind


Let time create its own saga
In this hazy half lit world
Timed by an ageless hourglass
Awashed in a flamboyant style
My perfect imperfections

Meandering in half lit alleys
my blunt edges stare
down and around my moods
I am a bit crazy maybe..

Yet soothing and captivating
in the warm ambient lighting
A trigger captured my eyes
A smile that reaches deep inside
such is nature’s beauty


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Light kindled with burning fire of desire
Night is like a black stone sapphire
Freedom is all I want…
Pains never venture to leave me alone

The world is changing…for change is around me
Like a spy of sorts I drift past…
i am one with no regrets
have I thought about this.. well

When mind is fearless… head turns high
My hands seek perfection in fruitfull service.
My voyage seems to have no end…

Old fears die with exhaustion..
Nothing is static… how can I be
Whispers say nothing can touch me
Something like perfection…oh stay with me

fickle heart


so fond of rustic and unexplored
there are butterflies in my stomach
I cry out baffled amidst the robust cries of sea gulls

As sand is crushed into bits
My heart is captive of endless thoughts,
In the light of reasons,In an act of indulgence…
I sit face-to -face with silence.

Like a serpent entwined to the sandalwood…
I lay awaiting shaped by morality
Simmering jewels adorn my feet
in the midst of Arabic perfumes and scents

Given my human feelings…with no pride of decoration
I bare my heart to thee in such a serendipitous fashion

Drowned by whispers of prayers my vanity dies,
Lost in chanting beads….I open my eyes

Unabridged Love

In a sore lament
I say “Canst thou be dead”
Love is doing a kindness
Without expecting to expect
anything in return.

I sigh,I weep
I conceal my tender weakness
to my beloved soul.

My pride was my downfall,
I was so wrong,
Half a person in your absence,
I hear a symphony of a different tone.

My forgiveness and reconciliation
are in the corner of vanity,
perhaps an answer to my prayer.

Praying like a pagan
in the crypt I found peace
before it was too late.

My Heaven and Hell are the same..
beside you I stay my Unabridged Love

clipped wings

As the angel descended from heaven
she shred her wings saying good by
for it was her lover ,the poet
she wished to meet
Midway a bridge he stood
Wary and eyes dim ,he wondered
was his love a dream

as the clouds parted way for the sunshine
with trembling lips of mortal
she called his sweet name
wrapped in the fragrance of winter
the wind carried the feather touched words

He glanced in front stood his angel.
Mesmired and still his eyes
saw a wonder shaped by the morality
Was it true bliss or was he at the gates of paradise.

He saw her fair skin shine like jewels simmering
Yes this was whom he had dreamed of
But alas,He was awake….
If not let this dream forever remain.

what my heart desires

where am I going this time
So many uncertainties cross my way
As I drift away,I leave
The goods and the bads alike

All is planned by someone
yet unknown to me
Maaya intrigues me
shakes me to my core

In an hourglass of a lifetime
My thoughts and desires change
from time to time
Yet what remains is maaya

Saints and scholars say
abondoning it is the way
to release the soul

Yet I enjoy ,the daffodils and gold coins
I am enticed by all,For I see God’s Presence in all

home awaits


Singing to the beat of my heart
A sparkle adorns my eyes
A poet’s imagination weaves
dreams of desires in heart
Shadows of which cover this earth.

Quicksand escapes Reality
May the angels land thrive
Not marred by reality
In Lord’s assuring touch

marooned in an island of infinity
In a hazy , half lit dream
I burn up the fire
before i steal a breathe of freedom
and i continue the chase

so in my dreams I travel
washing my feet in sea waters
I go east ,I go west …
I move fast as my time runs out

there is something in every heart
to travel without moving an inch
how many roads I crossed I wonder
As I face the horizon…my home

as I set sail


As I cross the river this morning
with the first tide I sailed
Bring some sunshine after
the cloudless climes and starry skies

Gentle snow melts
Now the winds begin to sing
As frost is setting the corn rippens
If valour is vigorous enough
even after the darkest phase
the sun will rise
and my soul be reborn
with each new day

A field full of flowers
watches over me like an angel of mercy
in life after life…In age after age
My journey begins yet again
Another adventure awaits as I sail

second time in a row

I feel old but not wise
you don’t have to live forever…
you just have to live once
Imagination is the beginning of creation

You imagine what you desire

Faith is believe you will get the unseen
the reward of this faith is to see miracle happen

God has a plan…Feel it…
receive it
I had an open eyed dream…I had worked hard…
to harness this force of love

let it rain

in a world of books,words and symbols
exists a honeydew of summer
blessed the bee carries the perfume
with it is a prayer for rain
falling asleep to reality
awaiting the dusty winds to dance with them
like a puppet heckled
below the rusting roof of smiles and
incorporeal strain lies a vicious beast
oh let it rain so no one can see my wet eyes
cant help but think the best is yet to come
today is just tomorrows history
grey and white haired skeletons
blissed the serpents beneath gallows
once full of life now sober in death
feet cold as their once stare
lying silient behind the golden door
of a land enlighted by history

keep faith

while pursing my aim,
In a clash of faith with skepticism
i look beyond deviling circumstances,
Let not failure deter me
stay focused for all I have is my will

Against the backdrop of momentary failure
my mind says I may fail again,
i will keep my faith for
Only this my failure would only be mine
but my sucess would be shared

I lend credence to my Lord
Give me my want for I have toiled day and night
Even in my dreams I have tailored travelling
my destined nautical miles

Break not my desires midway
the path to my destiny is now or never….
Never again can I take this leap,
Never again can I be the change
I wish to see in the sunlight