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Phantom Of Dreams


My struggle. My endurance .my perseverance
in the face of all kinds of demons.
Some within. Some without.

Like a dandelion up through the pavement, I persist.
as with everything in life, I get to assign meaning
so i assign Strength. Healing. Forgiveness.

no more shall i show you my Fears. Tears .
with unflattering honesty to only myself
you have lost the right to hear

voices in my head urged to tell you at my lowest
I did… Now with knowing …my showing weakness
makes you feel i can’t undertand yours …
this breaks my heart …
but dearest your don’t yet know me
I am a phamtom of broken dreams
who rises above after every fall


matrix of start

footsteps echo in the empty hall

i entered the door at the end of hall

there was a beautiful wallpaper and surprises behind closed doors

Posing in the castle… you color my world

a new chapter waiting to be penned…

colors are brighter with you around

i feel like an amateur playing with you

exploring hidden treasures of the city

all I need is to whisper to the world that only shouts

as we live

as the clouds part ways for the sunshine
the legions of my heart are bleeding
letter drops wrapped in the fragrance of winter
I am retrieving things I will lose one day
for I am shaped by the morality
the longing that the wind swept away
like a scholar in exile
Even if at times,the road looks to far
I hope it carries my feelings to you
Even if tears fall..until every thing becomes a past
beyond the dreams of history
sleepwalk..for it was like a mid summer night’s dream

Look Back At Me

an overture for my favorite movie…..


Look Back.

Look back at me.

Have you ever thought, said, or wanted to say this as someone walked, drove, or flew away?


On this Labour Day when people march forward to celebrate how far workers have come and how much further they need to go, it’s good to look back on the brave people that fought for workers’ rights.

The BBCminiseries North & South isbased on the book byElizabeth Gaskell; screenplay by Sandy Welch and directed by Brian Percival, yes, same title, different show than the American Civil War miniseries, North & South. This North & Southrefers to the North and South of England, and focuses on industrialization and the inequality between classes.


A couple hundred years later, not much has changed.
The lower classes work themselves into an early grave while the upper…

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a dog does not care if you are rich or poor
A simple cookie would do just fine…
a snuggle ,a hug…a pat on the head…

when we became friends
i cannot recall
was it an empty or filled room
where i found my
life’s greatest treasures

but I remember your free love
an assurance of trust
it said you will be loyal
always there to make me laugh ,
not afraid to help me avoid mistakes
and look out for my best interest.

This kind of friendship is hard to find,
but it can last a lifetime.

A Heartwarming Video For Dog Lovers


Good Time Stories

If you are a true, blue dog-lover, then this video will ABSOLUTELY melt your heart. I had a fantastic dog when I was growing up. He wasn’t just a dog…he was part of our family…he was like having another brother…another friend. I miss my ole buddy and think of him often. When I saw this video (and I am not ashamed to say it) it certainly did tug on my heart strings and made me a little misty eyed thinking of my buddy.

This video certainly exemplifies the old adage that “a dog is man’s best friend.” So, for all you people who have ever owned a dog or still do…I am sure that this video will touch your heart and should the way it touched mine.

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Saving a sun bear cub in Vietnam

❤ lets make a better world! Hope this baby bear meets its family some day soon…god bless

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Vietnam says about itself:

1 July 2014

Rescued from poachers, gorgeous sun bear cub Layla arrived at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in June 2014.

From Wildlife Extra:

A sun bear saved from the illegal wildlife trade enjoys special care in a Vietnamese rescue centre

Layla, the sun bear cub rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, enjoys her paddling pool

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre has just welcomed its newest resident, a five-month-old sun bear cub.

Nicknamed Layla, the tiny 13kg cub is settling into a 45-day quarantine period in a private den in the specially designed cub house.

With a mini paddling pool, fire-hose hammock and low wooden platforms, Layla can explore and play with her coconut, bamboo and rope toys in complete safety.

Layla came to the centre from the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre (HWRC) based in the outskirts of Hanoi.


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ticket to the world of the social elite…


Gentlemen come in wing collars and bow ties,
Welcome to the world of social elite…
Here a smile scarcely raises an eyebrow,
A commercial jungle of confidence
Finding a confidant is rare,
For gossips and buzz is only cared.

Familiarity with classics is a must,
To start a conversation
or to prove your worth,
Take wine appreciation for instance,
First differentiate Pouilly Fume from Pouilly Fuisse,
After a fairly technical approach,
You are now a connoisseur.

Now starts the uphill struggle,
Talk of high street fashion
and the wine yards you own.
Boost big as the main course arrives
to get invited by the next host,
Now mission is accomplished..
For you are now the new buzz of town,
no more an applicant for the tinsel town.

No Japanese government apology for ‘comfort women’ forced prostitution

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from South Korea in English is called “Herstory” Comfort Women Animation – English.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Japanese government refuses slavery apology

Friday 20th June 2014

TOKYO government spokesman Yoshihide Suga outraged Seoul today, insisting that there would be no real apology for Japan’s wartime enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Korean women in brothels for its troops.

Japanese nationalists contend that women in wartime brothels were voluntary prostitutes, not sex slaves.

Mr Suga reiterated Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s refusal not to revise an infamous 1993 semi-apology, saying that evaluation of the historical evidence should be left to historians and scholars.

Japan’s relations with South Korea are extremely important and we will try to explain this issue to gain understanding,” he said.

However, South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Noh Kwang Il said: “The Japanese government should clearly know that…

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Herald of morning

misty-morning-inthe-valley-242689In the mists of fog quite thick
The mountain and the bay erased
barred clouds bloom seem rosy in hue,
Light wind dances on the bay surface,
full of swirls the waves too join in.
while lambs silently graze on the hilly terrain
and vines round the sonorous cottage terrace.

Relaxed ,calm and pure is the air
I look out again and see the distant
warm and tranquil sunrise kissing gently
the mountain tops and waking them
Perhaps they blush for their white facet soon turns pink

Dew on my window shines like jewels
Splashed with colors and life are flowers of valley
Chanting their beauty praises are bees rejoicing
Chirping birds welcome the day and fly out of nests

every scene detail is registering in my senses
I see no Halo but this seems like an abode of angels.
Just then Emerald trees swayed with a gentle breeze
as if agreeing and Touching my heart this….
~ Beautiful morning~



keeping faith

8453200_f520They say “never judge a book by its cover”
If seeing is not believing ,
I am then a poor judge…
If you smile and talk,
I believe you with no puffed feelings at all.
for- I am bad at calculations of emotions
my response will be from my heart
so often I feel guilty when proven wrong…

Watching my cynicism I say to myself
Never trusting isn’t any more accurate than over-trusting.
I will Just take more time I guess.
I am not bird so don’t try catching me in a cage
I am a person of free will
and Courage is my greatest virtue

So rather wandering away from the crushing wheel
I turn inward to the center to be saved.
The surging sea of turmoil has a light house…
There duality wavers…
The stories of saviors enter my heart through ears.
Doubts evade , pride falls and wisdom restores

Peculiar ,extraordinary and disinterested
faith has no parallel for it envelopes all-
of the movable and immovable world.
So I enthrone faith in my heart


The designer is a visually literate person, just as an editor is expected by training and inclination to be versed in language and literature, but to call the former an artist by occupation is as absurd as to refer to the latter as a poet.

— Douglas Martin

-to translate observations into insights and insights into products and services that will improve lives – thus empathy and understanding of people helps in changing lives