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shepherd guide me

At cultural crossroads lost,
golden dust is over my spirit.

World is full of attractions,
my lord knows my heart.

so like a shepherd guide me…

For when no one stays my own
you will stay with me …

life is ever changing…
but living in this faith
fulfills me so

I hold your hand




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Light kindled with burning fire of desire
Night is like a black stone sapphire
Freedom is all I want…
Pains never venture to leave me alone

The world is changing…for change is around me
Like a spy of sorts I drift past…
i am one with no regrets
have I thought about this.. well

When mind is fearless… head turns high
My hands seek perfection in fruitfull service.
My voyage seems to have no end…

Old fears die with exhaustion..
Nothing is static… how can I be
Whispers say nothing can touch me
Something like perfection…oh stay with me

fickle heart


so fond of rustic and unexplored
there are butterflies in my stomach
I cry out baffled amidst the robust cries of sea gulls

As sand is crushed into bits
My heart is captive of endless thoughts,
In the light of reasons,In an act of indulgence…
I sit face-to -face with silence.

Like a serpent entwined to the sandalwood…
I lay awaiting shaped by morality
Simmering jewels adorn my feet
in the midst of Arabic perfumes and scents

Given my human feelings…with no pride of decoration
I bare my heart to thee in such a serendipitous fashion

Drowned by whispers of prayers my vanity dies,
Lost in chanting beads….I open my eyes

Unabridged Love

In a sore lament
I say “Canst thou be dead”
Love is doing a kindness
Without expecting to expect
anything in return.

I sigh,I weep
I conceal my tender weakness
to my beloved soul.

My pride was my downfall,
I was so wrong,
Half a person in your absence,
I hear a symphony of a different tone.

My forgiveness and reconciliation
are in the corner of vanity,
perhaps an answer to my prayer.

Praying like a pagan
in the crypt I found peace
before it was too late.

My Heaven and Hell are the same..
beside you I stay my Unabridged Love

what my heart desires

where am I going this time
So many uncertainties cross my way
As I drift away,I leave
The goods and the bads alike

All is planned by someone
yet unknown to me
Maaya intrigues me
shakes me to my core

In an hourglass of a lifetime
My thoughts and desires change
from time to time
Yet what remains is maaya

Saints and scholars say
abondoning it is the way
to release the soul

Yet I enjoy ,the daffodils and gold coins
I am enticed by all,For I see God’s Presence in all

keep faith

while pursing my aim,
In a clash of faith with skepticism
i look beyond deviling circumstances,
Let not failure deter me
stay focused for all I have is my will

Against the backdrop of momentary failure
my mind says I may fail again,
i will keep my faith for
Only this my failure would only be mine
but my sucess would be shared

I lend credence to my Lord
Give me my want for I have toiled day and night
Even in my dreams I have tailored travelling
my destined nautical miles

Break not my desires midway
the path to my destiny is now or never….
Never again can I take this leap,
Never again can I be the change
I wish to see in the sunlight

happy bua


listening to an untamed melody of emotions,
feelings and love…….after all,
it is the melody of my heart
delighted are even my tears of joy…
ringing in ears is an echo of soul

delighted the heart bestows peace
if this be an era,let it last…
in my arms is a new life…
a cycle of life has passed

as I hold your tiny fingers
a gush of happiness delights me…
you are too young to know my name…
but always know my love.

for I feel blessed and bestowed..
I pray you are showered with all the happiness of the world
for I see a part of me in you…a reflection not a mirage…
Performed in a perfect harmony is God’s magic of new life…
may you always be blessed with good luck….images (1)



In the absence of the weight
of stress and strain
earn self-worth with accolades,
illuminated by self glow,
accomplishments and changes not just in appearance.

Let this reminder resonate
time and again
weightless of needs, concerns and preferences
free my vision ponders
afloat time and again
free from worries and pain
now my heart feels weightless
I float by day and drift away….
further from this world towards a shooting star
amber lit way…no more a firefly in a jar
shimmering galleys welcome me

but spell bound weightless I fly before
the inexorable gravity pulls me back…

when unexpected happened


when unexpected happened
mood weakens determination to win,
they catch feelings,pull ’em dowm,
dwelling in past or future hopes
harvests pains no gains.

floating in the sea of emotions.
Distant sun is shining
near collosal waves rise
before my tiny body
soon i see them under not above

now sea seems distant….
calm,blue and incredibily beautiful
in this sea of contentment
i float towards eternal bliss…

for unexpected happened….
my anxiety dissappeared in the mirage…
i overcame my worst trap
before it could grow big enough…

even minded and cheerful
happy in every circumstance….
moving quickly through life’s trails
expanding my heart and trust alike…
i prepare for change….
for unexpected had happened….

the blessed life

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singing and dancing in a cyclic chorus
at the altar of God rhyming hymns of undying love
mixed with epic narrations of His silhouette
it was no less than a festival performed…

Admirable simplicty and bright in expression
is the orchestra of believers
healing soul with chords of love…
like a coin defaced by erosion we loose our facade…
no more and no less…
boundless showers transform torn tapestry of Love,
like eager home-bound traveller to peace,
our spirit in flight soars high
as much as the power of our sheer might

And in God’s time all things are made right
my days of burden reigned by confusion age…
raging storm stops and like an angel in the sky,
I lean on you Lord to carry me through…
Filled with peace for Eternal life and cleansed
I become one with my true lord….
in the kingdom above all….

the master of my fate


Continuing to sail rudderless
wanting a better wind to guide
keeping my dreams upright
in a starless sky hope seems to blossom..

keeps me afloat when everything seems to go wrong
was not the northern star lighting my way…
but a single firefly which passed by-
propeling me to stay on the course,

shooting the amber rays of light,
realization that hope springs is eternal
That perches in the soul
i go ahead leaping forward
steadfast and sure not of victory or loss
but just for the pursuit of the shore

I am still alive, vibrant with life.
so I sail forward in the new ocean…
I hear an echo which heals my scars,
Mended fragile heart no longer counts faults…
for now it does not define but only guides…
for better or worse
I am the captain of my soul

for my angel….with love…


Inspire me oh raven…
for I seem to be lost..
I lack the inspiration to move on.

I had a dream today.
I saw my loved one alive again.
We ran,We played and jo was young again,

Then I turned and saw his sweet face,
Soon we stared in each others eyes.
Then suddenly I saw him fall…
motionless and still.
I ran and took him in my arms.

A voice in my head said..
he is no more.
I woke and cried for hours.
My heart body lagged..
Throughout the day I put a happy face on.
I was there but not…

I pen down these words,
I don’t know why…
Yes,I have move on..
Yet when all is said and done..
I miss you my loved one…

I miss you my angel…