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if only

if only my eyes could tell
they gaze on the stars deep within

if only my ears could speak
they sing with the roaring turmoil

if only my lips could breath
they withiness the passion burning

for in this life only can I achieve
alas , its now or never…


tranquil mind


Let time create its own saga
In this hazy half lit world
Timed by an ageless hourglass
Awashed in a flamboyant style
My perfect imperfections

Meandering in half lit alleys
my blunt edges stare
down and around my moods
I am a bit crazy maybe..

Yet soothing and captivating
in the warm ambient lighting
A trigger captured my eyes
A smile that reaches deep inside
such is nature’s beauty

home awaits


Singing to the beat of my heart
A sparkle adorns my eyes
A poet’s imagination weaves
dreams of desires in heart
Shadows of which cover this earth.

Quicksand escapes Reality
May the angels land thrive
Not marred by reality
In Lord’s assuring touch

marooned in an island of infinity
In a hazy , half lit dream
I burn up the fire
before i steal a breathe of freedom
and i continue the chase

so in my dreams I travel
washing my feet in sea waters
I go east ,I go west …
I move fast as my time runs out

there is something in every heart
to travel without moving an inch
how many roads I crossed I wonder
As I face the horizon…my home

A day dream forgotten in the way

As it rode the northern tide of rain
waking up ,getting ready
strangers everywhere
what is the way wondered the nightingale.

as lamps across the bridge turn pale,
Smokeless resurrection broke the darkness
the sun and moon revealed the mystery.

It overheard the rain say
“It is not the promises we make………
that leak dreams sometimes
I mean no rue….but there are no rules.”

The universe was always too  little to
fit in the compass of my tiny head
you push the shove….but you wont pull me down
thought the nightingale to herself…

there’s a loudness to whispers I hear
in the sea of broken dreams there is a talk
we are all apt to expect more
but then,

the most important things are the hardest to say
if one scheme of happiness fails,we turns to the next
we find comfort somewhere else……
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happy endings….


How do you make the colors say
In a thousand crazy ways
That in the end most of the
things will be okay…

in the oceans deep
in the canines steep
walls of granite stand
there a voice echoes…
yes this is a lie I have been told
for this will soon pass

No there’s no guardian
but if called upon
paint me a picture of words
of hope , vision and support
having no idea what so ever…
make me believe..
in a cinematic ending

white candy floss clouds
and purple autumn sunrise
I ride off with a simple smile….
dreams have no bounds…



In the absence of the weight
of stress and strain
earn self-worth with accolades,
illuminated by self glow,
accomplishments and changes not just in appearance.

Let this reminder resonate
time and again
weightless of needs, concerns and preferences
free my vision ponders
afloat time and again
free from worries and pain
now my heart feels weightless
I float by day and drift away….
further from this world towards a shooting star
amber lit way…no more a firefly in a jar
shimmering galleys welcome me

but spell bound weightless I fly before
the inexorable gravity pulls me back…

when unexpected happened


when unexpected happened
mood weakens determination to win,
they catch feelings,pull ’em dowm,
dwelling in past or future hopes
harvests pains no gains.

floating in the sea of emotions.
Distant sun is shining
near collosal waves rise
before my tiny body
soon i see them under not above

now sea seems distant….
calm,blue and incredibily beautiful
in this sea of contentment
i float towards eternal bliss…

for unexpected happened….
my anxiety dissappeared in the mirage…
i overcame my worst trap
before it could grow big enough…

even minded and cheerful
happy in every circumstance….
moving quickly through life’s trails
expanding my heart and trust alike…
i prepare for change….
for unexpected had happened….

the blessed life

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singing and dancing in a cyclic chorus
at the altar of God rhyming hymns of undying love
mixed with epic narrations of His silhouette
it was no less than a festival performed…

Admirable simplicty and bright in expression
is the orchestra of believers
healing soul with chords of love…
like a coin defaced by erosion we loose our facade…
no more and no less…
boundless showers transform torn tapestry of Love,
like eager home-bound traveller to peace,
our spirit in flight soars high
as much as the power of our sheer might

And in God’s time all things are made right
my days of burden reigned by confusion age…
raging storm stops and like an angel in the sky,
I lean on you Lord to carry me through…
Filled with peace for Eternal life and cleansed
I become one with my true lord….
in the kingdom above all….

the master of my fate


Continuing to sail rudderless
wanting a better wind to guide
keeping my dreams upright
in a starless sky hope seems to blossom..

keeps me afloat when everything seems to go wrong
was not the northern star lighting my way…
but a single firefly which passed by-
propeling me to stay on the course,

shooting the amber rays of light,
realization that hope springs is eternal
That perches in the soul
i go ahead leaping forward
steadfast and sure not of victory or loss
but just for the pursuit of the shore

I am still alive, vibrant with life.
so I sail forward in the new ocean…
I hear an echo which heals my scars,
Mended fragile heart no longer counts faults…
for now it does not define but only guides…
for better or worse
I am the captain of my soul

Living Infinite…

thriving upon a profound agreement…
purify the old,not create new,
when dying from exposure or neglect….
experience looses its rigidity,
in excitement of breaking away..


Adventurers of experience make way…
to the shores of treasures of knowledge,
In the harbors lays anchors…
to places to return.
In the lamp lit barns
exploring spirit of art awakens,
to consciousness to creations….

The boundless uncharted wishes-
In blank confusion of significance
get attached to the jetsam of splendor..
In the magical allure- the space between
the life wished and lived meet…
for intuition and Intelligence learn their trade…
then the explorer is more than an adventurer…

the tonic of wildness realizes …
every experience is an exploration….

time heals

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every pain has a time,
once we learn to fly,
they don’t matter,
feel insignificant and
like a distant hazy reminder
of a once “forever”gone by…

Once the rays of the sun
breaks the cold bitter night
We rise stronger after each fall,
we grow,We mature..our wounds heal..
This is called experience,
for it forms who we are…

This is nature -that peolpe change,
in attitude, reactions and perception,
yet we always strife for a better tommorow..
unaware of the path ahead
yet schooled from our past pains….
like a gaurdian angel they follow us
making us strong,preparing us for fight..

trailing the path of uncertainty…

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Navigate unfamiliar territory
with no accurate map
witness feasibility of abstract….
overcome limitations
of mind and soul alike
strive for perfection
not for self gain
but for knowledge attainment

let willingness to bear risk win,
then veil of ignorance vanishes
establishing the vital link of yearning

addiction to an erroneous belief
of pity falls beaten…
study unfamiliarity in detail…
portraying rights and duties same…
let the power of Will manifest…
uncertainty is then no risk…
but an opportunity … a gift…

Joie de vivre


Lost is the celebration of me,
focusing on just getting things done…
trudging through the task of living,
on a treadmill that goes nowhere,
where is the childlike joy…

where are the things we waited to do,
just for joyful living no more…
committing wholeheartedly comes –
when immersed in doing just for love.

we are mortals of dust
surrounded by ocean of wishes
Opening the Heart,awake of alert presence
beyond superficial reality
shredding misguided ideas creating suffering 

Joie de vivre is not finding a new haven,
but enjoying this one….