for the love of art


Art is Like a therapy to me,
where I roam unfettered,
Freely discovering beauty as I stroll,
and view intentions  and feelings –
borrowed directly from the artist’s soul.

Intuition is creativity simplified , Yes ,
It is a love , a passion and an intoxication,
– perhaps for my mind and soul.

The hue of the distant sky in the changing sunlight,
the view of the distant mountain peak ,
or the smile of an innocent child standing near by,
all stir my soul as I walk.

A simple stroke is all it takes,
to give meaning to an empty space.
It gives it a life, A charm of its own.
The color palette reflects nature -yes –
In all its glory , while Enchanted by Tradition,
Art travels to distant shores .
Stirring and touching the hearts of all.
It Breaks the barriers of Races , Ethics and Codes.


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