my ET

a philosher and a realist
you and me … now one
but we are so different…
I a dreamy philosper
you my sweetheart a realist

I want you so much
maybe transended beyond this world
you see a smile and get happy
but my nature is fragile

my love is obsession maybe
but I feel it is not wrong
If I have only this life
I will run to hold you

I expect and …
maybe that is my streak of maddness
my notion maybe wierd
but what to do

a heart wants what it wants
and it wants you ….
maybe I am a hopeless romantic
maybe stupid … and naive

but all I can say is
you have the power to make me or break me
and I will fight
for you see I am a selfish brat

i am not a Saint
my love maybe immature
no balance… no bundaries

but somehow i feel
you understand
for you are my
one true love…….

my mature , responsible and humble man


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