“sad love

a heavy emptiness fills the heart
what it is or was that you desired ?

resignation and acceptance go hand in hand
“Who am I?” echoes….

“I did so much for you” ….resonates
unfulfilled hopes or expectations sing…
are responsible for my deflated mood !

Explore. Dream. Discover…I listened.
easy, dreamy, almost like a fairytale
i wished ….but it is not…

maybe it was your sweetness that melted my heart
I lied … I smiled … just as you pleased
Every now and then I woke up dreaming
to be what we could be…
but you wounded me back to my senses…
I cant count the tears I have shed…
You will see me smiling and laughing
for I will no longer show my misery
dear Sad love… I will walk with you


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