Monthly Archives: August 2016

“sad love

a heavy emptiness fills the heart
what it is or was that you desired ?

resignation and acceptance go hand in hand
“Who am I?” echoes….

“I did so much for you” ….resonates
unfulfilled hopes or expectations sing…
are responsible for my deflated mood !

Explore. Dream. Discover…I listened.
easy, dreamy, almost like a fairytale
i wished ….but it is not…

maybe it was your sweetness that melted my heart
I lied … I smiled … just as you pleased
Every now and then I woke up dreaming
to be what we could be…
but you wounded me back to my senses…
I cant count the tears I have shed…
You will see me smiling and laughing
for I will no longer show my misery
dear Sad love… I will walk with you




plunged into mourning and anger,
Dried blood can still be seen…
“bang” along vacant, sweaty desert highway

took a breath before the moment of truth.
BANG. It worked again
a little boy in a tiny coat had to hop out
Walk across a dusty pavement runway,
stand in a roped-off line,

defective, something hideous and unlovable
deserve to be the heroes of their own stories
To be free is a great privilege….
Shed a tear in their memory
strive to make the most of
for hard won is this independence

Pledge to stand up for those
whose voice the world refuses to hear

for we are the legacy of those
for who paid the ultimate price…for us !



free-flying spirits with wings carry me on
for i am tired of this hot fading summer
involuntarily finding and losing my peace
the rainbow’s joyous refraction of colour

Hypnotised to the deceptive simplicity
stitched together as one now haunted
echoes the promise of love awaiting
streamed through the streets of consciousness.

washed up on this island again
the height of the tide had promised
ongoing peril… false notion of separation
surrounded by roaring lions and sighs of love