you and I


I like the night air ,for it tells me a story

I can build a mansion higher than dreams

but when I dream I dream of you…..

Now I can touch my life and light

when light shines through the trees

a deep melancoly settles deep inside my heart

for I hear the guitar playing……

when its gold and green
…feel it in the air….
catch it if you can for
we are all fragile…..
when we break our heart

compassion,  tolerance, endurance,  faith, and much more breaks
yet in the end even if nothing is in perfection
some how somewhere love finds you….
so hold on to your heart…for
smile is just the begining of love


20 thoughts on “you and I

  1. Hello Sheetalshar,wonderful sentiments.The hardest thing in life is to have a broken heart when the moon stops shining and the stars fall down.Thank you for liking few of my posts.What happened to the Guitar?Regards.Jalal

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    1. Thank you Jalal… I think the hardest thing is liking one you can never have… Seeing one as a moon and you a star near but always apart… I like reading your blog a lot… And l am more into listening music these days. .. Thank you for keeping in touch…
      Warm Blessings and Regards,


      1. l am glad you are doing well ,music helps a lot .l like to visit your blog and read your beautiful though .l appreciate you too for keeping in touch.Wishing you happiness and best of luck.Sincerely jalal

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  2. Such lovely thoughts, profoundness personified. You have weaved the emotions like a beautiful decorate, the velvet words on the silky fabric makes it a joy of beauty…some lines and phrases which really touched me are; “touch my life and light”, “we are all fragile’, “hold onto our heart”, “somehow somewhere love finds you”…
    Thanks for spreading the beauty of poetry…

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    1. Thank you Nihar for liking my composition… My writing are Mere words but I like leaving it for my readers to explore… Thank you for your appreciation… I visited your blog yesterday… You maintain a really good blog…
      Warm Blessings and Hugs,

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      1. Yes, with your versatile writing and so much depth in your thoughts, it makes it a beautiful journey of going through your lovely posts.
        Indeed it was pleasure reading your posts.
        Thanks so much.
        Have a lovely day ahead.

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