Monthly Archives: February 2015

Unabridged Love

In a sore lament
I say “Canst thou be dead”
Love is doing a kindness
Without expecting to expect
anything in return.

I sigh,I weep
I conceal my tender weakness
to my beloved soul.

My pride was my downfall,
I was so wrong,
Half a person in your absence,
I hear a symphony of a different tone.

My forgiveness and reconciliation
are in the corner of vanity,
perhaps an answer to my prayer.

Praying like a pagan
in the crypt I found peace
before it was too late.

My Heaven and Hell are the same..
beside you I stay my Unabridged Love


clipped wings

As the angel descended from heaven
she shred her wings saying good by
for it was her lover ,the poet
she wished to meet
Midway a bridge he stood
Wary and eyes dim ,he wondered
was his love a dream

as the clouds parted way for the sunshine
with trembling lips of mortal
she called his sweet name
wrapped in the fragrance of winter
the wind carried the feather touched words

He glanced in front stood his angel.
Mesmired and still his eyes
saw a wonder shaped by the morality
Was it true bliss or was he at the gates of paradise.

He saw her fair skin shine like jewels simmering
Yes this was whom he had dreamed of
But alas,He was awake….
If not let this dream forever remain.

what my heart desires

where am I going this time
So many uncertainties cross my way
As I drift away,I leave
The goods and the bads alike

All is planned by someone
yet unknown to me
Maaya intrigues me
shakes me to my core

In an hourglass of a lifetime
My thoughts and desires change
from time to time
Yet what remains is maaya

Saints and scholars say
abondoning it is the way
to release the soul

Yet I enjoy ,the daffodils and gold coins
I am enticed by all,For I see God’s Presence in all