Monthly Archives: January 2015

home awaits


Singing to the beat of my heart
A sparkle adorns my eyes
A poet’s imagination weaves
dreams of desires in heart
Shadows of which cover this earth.

Quicksand escapes Reality
May the angels land thrive
Not marred by reality
In Lord’s assuring touch

marooned in an island of infinity
In a hazy , half lit dream
I burn up the fire
before i steal a breathe of freedom
and i continue the chase

so in my dreams I travel
washing my feet in sea waters
I go east ,I go west …
I move fast as my time runs out

there is something in every heart
to travel without moving an inch
how many roads I crossed I wonder
As I face the horizon…my home


as I set sail


As I cross the river this morning
with the first tide I sailed
Bring some sunshine after
the cloudless climes and starry skies

Gentle snow melts
Now the winds begin to sing
As frost is setting the corn rippens
If valour is vigorous enough
even after the darkest phase
the sun will rise
and my soul be reborn
with each new day

A field full of flowers
watches over me like an angel of mercy
in life after life…In age after age
My journey begins yet again
Another adventure awaits as I sail