Monthly Archives: December 2014

second time in a row

I feel old but not wise
you don’t have to live forever…
you just have to live once
Imagination is the beginning of creation

You imagine what you desire

Faith is believe you will get the unseen
the reward of this faith is to see miracle happen

God has a plan…Feel it…
receive it
I had an open eyed dream…I had worked hard…
to harness this force of love


let it rain

in a world of books,words and symbols
exists a honeydew of summer
blessed the bee carries the perfume
with it is a prayer for rain
falling asleep to reality
awaiting the dusty winds to dance with them
like a puppet heckled
below the rusting roof of smiles and
incorporeal strain lies a vicious beast
oh let it rain so no one can see my wet eyes
cant help but think the best is yet to come
today is just tomorrows history
grey and white haired skeletons
blissed the serpents beneath gallows
once full of life now sober in death
feet cold as their once stare
lying silient behind the golden door
of a land enlighted by history