Monthly Archives: November 2014

keep faith

while pursing my aim,
In a clash of faith with skepticism
i look beyond deviling circumstances,
Let not failure deter me
stay focused for all I have is my will

Against the backdrop of momentary failure
my mind says I may fail again,
i will keep my faith for
Only this my failure would only be mine
but my sucess would be shared

I lend credence to my Lord
Give me my want for I have toiled day and night
Even in my dreams I have tailored travelling
my destined nautical miles

Break not my desires midway
the path to my destiny is now or never….
Never again can I take this leap,
Never again can I be the change
I wish to see in the sunlight


“Here, I give you a flash of the future”

symphony in a zany gypsy Disneyland
melody booms in a thunderous exposure.
in the wilderness showers words from quills…
intending to lighten chaos..
dominant ideas lighten up
refer to poets as dreamers.

the dreams of poets less of practical value
reign beyond the realm of literary diversion
hinder…light up the fire
for through discussions
chaos searching the cyclone
critical reflection of thoughts suffice
ahead of their time in the temporal sense
turning my eyes to the barbed wire fences
where the present divides….
how is it so….I wonder aloud…blueprints of the poet’s vision
heralding a new day of progress,
another forward surge created by winging fantasy is raised.