a nymph’s tale

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In the deepest ocean lies a coral
full of life thriving day and night.
For it houses the kingdom of sea
guarded by snow white froth and bubbles,
A little mermaid bride to the king
Half of flesh,Half of scales
never satisfied with status quo
mesmerised by the Heat shimmering across the sand
which she saw while riding dolphin’s back

Tells the arrogant sea king with pride :
I like stars and land more for their aurora
The king hurt and angry , exiled the poor soul.

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Next day she wokeup at the shore in a mortal form.
Musing, pondering over life she sat there awile.
Days passed, she visited land yet returned to the shore
exhausted and sad looked at the deep sea.

The future promises are fulfilled
but we are intent on shaping future
than getting shaped by it…
The waves call me softly
Water sweeps over my shoeless toes
I am greeted by the sand
The shells like jewels bestowed
flow back with the tide
Tufts of straw, fragments,
Devouring the beauty ,
Sang a harmonius breath of tears

How she missed the life at sea.
Wondered if it was better it sink in the plain green sea
for her heart was owned by the peaceful waters
Now neither moon nor stars could bring back the gleam in her eyes.

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Nature takes the stride
A lightening strikes
The little mermaid is taken to heavens above
to live the life of an angel with the stars
in the kingdom of moonlight.


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