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Ordering chaos in the cosmos
Lifting from heritage of sonnets,
The humdrum with the fantastical
yet ordinary with the sinister
eradicated through reformation
of social structure
treading a fragmentary memory….

It is the desire for value and beauty
to have no foundation in knowledge…
rational and irrational in mysticism-
to lose a cognitive function…

Playfully critical and mildly nihilistic
Instantly deemed as ‘deconstruction’
Suffering from yet another mutation
Discovering , Manifesting a question…
A Literary or philosophical concept
Confronting the space…
Something new might arise,
So one now awaits.



5 thoughts on “Deconstruction

  1. Great mind twister; love the play on words. BTW, I read through your poems up to 8/4/2014; lovely work. Like the format where I can read by scrolling, is there a button to like each as I go along without having to leave main page? I have an ancient computer which takes forever to load. vw


    1. Oh, thank you vw, it was really heartwarming to hear that you liked my compositions, I am afraid the current theme I have does not allow a reader liking the post while reading on home page… But I will search through for a better theme and update my blog soon to make it more convenient…. Thank you again, Warm Blessings and Hugs,

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      1. I played around with the set-up; that is the Admin page and select customize and this gives option of doing widgets and connecting your post to twitter, FB etc. you can change your set up as well.
        It’s been a while since I went in there, but go to the admin pg and play around with it. vw

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