the master of my fate


Continuing to sail rudderless
wanting a better wind to guide
keeping my dreams upright
in a starless sky hope seems to blossom..

keeps me afloat when everything seems to go wrong
was not the northern star lighting my way…
but a single firefly which passed by-
propeling me to stay on the course,

shooting the amber rays of light,
realization that hope springs is eternal
That perches in the soul
i go ahead leaping forward
steadfast and sure not of victory or loss
but just for the pursuit of the shore

I am still alive, vibrant with life.
so I sail forward in the new ocean…
I hear an echo which heals my scars,
Mended fragile heart no longer counts faults…
for now it does not define but only guides…
for better or worse
I am the captain of my soul


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