Artist for peace

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My brush strokes not for fights
but for colors of peace…
When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
A world of compassion
A world where leaders care…
A world where there are no wars
rise and so does human lives.

peace has stood the test of time
non violence for freedom
got what years of war did not.
For the want is universal :
A life to live without fear.
Want for Liberty shall will never parish.

An epoch when prosperity masks –
underlying stains of the past,
Peace is accepted wisdom –
mirrored in compassion.

Shrug off inequality
and live fearless
Look in the eyes of fellow patrons,
Regardless Of Race Or Creed
there is a satisfaction of a life well lived.
Together In Harmony , free of prejudice

Serene and tranquil is heaven.
Lets make this world no less.

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38 thoughts on “Artist for peace

  1. Your poem is beautiful. Are you a poet and artist? Though artists are also poets. I wondered what your medium is? Thank you for sharing these wonderful words with us. Blessings, peace and hugs to you. Barbara


    1. Thank you Barbara for your kind words but….I feel I am an explorer…. I am a product designer workin as User Interface Designer……an artist ,a poet at heart,a reader ….I guess I am all ……
      Regards and blessings,


      1. I am retired now but I was a psych nurse and ran a 42 bed lockdown unit. I helped to start a Domestic Violence shelter. I was a counselor and ran the legal unit. I was a counselor for Rape Crisis. I helped to start The Women’s Rounrtable, a networking group for professional and business women. I walked as the Donor Health Counselor for the American Red Cross. I was a counselor for a women’s reproductive Clinic. After I was widowed, I became a specialist for fashion designers such as Christian Dior and Michael Kors. I have reinvented myself many tines. I an a photographer and I paint. I took art lessons after I retired. I look forward to getting to know you more over time. Hugs, Barbara


    1. 🙂 Thank you Marie…and namaste….my mere penned down words would not have come alive had you not spared time and read my post and understood my message … so thanking you wholeheartedly I hope to hear more from your side in future….
      Blessings and hugs,


  2. Reblogged this on Marcus' s Space and commented:
    At the centennial of World War I we should stand still by all the bloodshed, all the misery, pain and broken love.
    History has proven that no war ever brought the ultimate reconciliation and peace. But there where peace was in the hearts of innocent people, that peace was so much stronger than the vile words, the angry signs, the awful noise, the trials which wanted to bring the soul down, but could not take it away from the hopeful, who believed in a Much Greater Power than any human being. It is that Comforter Who was and is willing to bring that inner peace which is much more valuable than all money can buy.

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