A Heartwarming Video For Dog Lovers


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If you are a true, blue dog-lover, then this video will ABSOLUTELY melt your heart. I had a fantastic dog when I was growing up. He wasn’t just a dog…he was part of our family…he was like having another brother…another friend. I miss my ole buddy and think of him often. When I saw this video (and I am not ashamed to say it) it certainly did tug on my heart strings and made me a little misty eyed thinking of my buddy.

This video certainly exemplifies the old adage that “a dog is man’s best friend.” So, for all you people who have ever owned a dog or still do…I am sure that this video will touch your heart and should the way it touched mine.

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2 thoughts on “A Heartwarming Video For Dog Lovers

  1. A great part of my life I´ve bee surrounded by dogs, right now I have two Bullmastiffs that are about to turn 9 years old, and that is a lot of years for these type of dogs. The vet came some weeks ago and did say that the male, since he was acting strange we call the vet up, has heart problems but it´s normal for these types of dogs and that it´s old age. Going to be very very weird and sad when these two guys go away. Specially since I spend a lot of time at home with them these past year and a half.


    1. I can really relate… my 9.5 years lab died recently…. actually 5 months back and I am still not over it… i believe dogs take rebirth as humans and a fulfill all their dreams which mayb as a dog they could not do….well that what i say to myself every night when I remember my baby….a stupid advise but get a new pup…at least u will get company and yr dogs will feel annoyed and jealous at first but will start to feel young…. and believe u are not replacing for your dog …he has a very very spl place…
      God Bless,
      Take Care,


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