like light after a lifetime of darkness

Decoration is not really interest,
Art is preoccupied with want to express,
Intellectual lucid and clear thinkers..
Endowed with spirit’s best gifts:
Simplicity ,Clarity and unclouded reason.

‘Nothing in excess’ is the dictum..
Free of entangling superfluity ,
In the temple of creation,
Par excellence in equilibrium,
Pure intellect illuminated by spirit
understands the power of consciousness ..
then the endless struggle between
flesh and spirit find an end.


14 thoughts on “like light after a lifetime of darkness

  1. ‘In the temple of creation’ I love this. I think everyone shares that desire to create in some form or other. And some of the best is surely the simplest. Or leads to the simplicity in the complex. This made me think of flowers, how ‘simply’ beautiful they are but how complex the processes involved in reaching that level of beauty. So much of the world is the same. Your poem itself is evidence of this achieving the simple message with well-chosen words that are intrinsically more complex. You’ve got me thinking here. I really enjoyed this.x


    1. πŸ™‚ thank you for the kind words of appreciation and taking a step forward to think and make this piece of composition come alive.It really makes me happy that you could so beautifully relate.
      Warm regards and blessings,


  2. sheetal this is bit tough for me.i guess you meant even beauty in excess is ugly.i mean simple is the best medium.delete this if this is not what you meant ok?
    also i don’t know you like village photos.yes i live in a village.


    1. Dear Sherinsk I feel you should not follow my posts for every writer has a different reason and genre of writing….I don’t mean to disregard but I feel my blog would not really interest you…
      Always refrain from posting your blog and promoting it on others blogs.
      Forgive me for my unkind words.
      God bless,


  3. “spirit’s best gifts: Simplicity ,Clarity and unclouded reason.” Beautiful poem. Your other poems have this gift, and I agree!

    Yes, there is always struggle between flesh and spirit, yet when we surrender to Spirit, we are bathed in peace. I think it is there we find the simplicity.


    1. πŸ™‚ thank you Susan for following my blog..appreciating my composition and your kind words…but thank you more for introducing your blog to me…I really liked your blog and spent a lot of time reading and thinking about it.
      Hope to hear more in future.
      God bless,


      1. Thank you. Your poems are so very graceful. I have lots to learn and know you have much to teach.

        I feel honored you are making a nest in my blog. I’m so glad you feel welcome. May blessings fill your heart today. ❀


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