on a sunny day


I sink in a summer’s day soaked in the greetings,
Mystic perfume of the valleys rise here each day,
which are not found even in the world’s most crowded markets,
snow laden mountain peeks smile while in the backdrop lie,
the most enduring valleys, groves, hills, and fields.

How frivolous the hills are.Just yesterday it had rained.
But today it is sunny all over again.
Then life fades away…as the sun beated the clouds away.
Water is flowing down the stream,I walk barefoot nearby,
shadows formed and disappeared in the shade.
The birds were up,even before the sun came..

Evening came and the sun went down,
Wind chimes dance with a gentle breeze
Their echo lingers in the trees filled with gladness
I picked up the guitar and started playing…
but this soft and perfect music did not last.

For when the sands in the hour-glass had stopped
after a long day which lacked compassion.
I was accused of something I was not.
For a few moments I lost my cool…
Then wise words came to my head,
Just as spring autumn and seasons,
this too shall pass away…


12 thoughts on “on a sunny day

  1. Very Gud Morning Sheetal, Nice summary of a beautiful day into a lyrics. But suddenly, why did you lost your cool, and when everything was beautiful, why did the day didnt had its compassion.

    Its beautiful, mesmerising, and straight from your heart, touched my heart too. Thankuu


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