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Living Infinite…

thriving upon a profound agreement…
purify the old,not create new,
when dying from exposure or neglect….
experience looses its rigidity,
in excitement of breaking away..


Adventurers of experience make way…
to the shores of treasures of knowledge,
In the harbors lays anchors…
to places to return.
In the lamp lit barns
exploring spirit of art awakens,
to consciousness to creations….

The boundless uncharted wishes-
In blank confusion of significance
get attached to the jetsam of splendor..
In the magical allure- the space between
the life wished and lived meet…
for intuition and Intelligence learn their trade…
then the explorer is more than an adventurer…

the tonic of wildness realizes …
every experience is an exploration….


time heals

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every pain has a time,
once we learn to fly,
they don’t matter,
feel insignificant and
like a distant hazy reminder
of a once “forever”gone by…

Once the rays of the sun
breaks the cold bitter night
We rise stronger after each fall,
we grow,We mature..our wounds heal..
This is called experience,
for it forms who we are…

This is nature -that peolpe change,
in attitude, reactions and perception,
yet we always strife for a better tommorow..
unaware of the path ahead
yet schooled from our past pains….
like a gaurdian angel they follow us
making us strong,preparing us for fight..

trailing the path of uncertainty…

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Navigate unfamiliar territory
with no accurate map
witness feasibility of abstract….
overcome limitations
of mind and soul alike
strive for perfection
not for self gain
but for knowledge attainment

let willingness to bear risk win,
then veil of ignorance vanishes
establishing the vital link of yearning

addiction to an erroneous belief
of pity falls beaten…
study unfamiliarity in detail…
portraying rights and duties same…
let the power of Will manifest…
uncertainty is then no risk…
but an opportunity … a gift…


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a dog does not care if you are rich or poor
A simple cookie would do just fine…
a snuggle ,a hug…a pat on the head…

when we became friends
i cannot recall
was it an empty or filled room
where i found my
life’s greatest treasures

but I remember your free love
an assurance of trust
it said you will be loyal
always there to make me laugh ,
not afraid to help me avoid mistakes
and look out for my best interest.

This kind of friendship is hard to find,
but it can last a lifetime.

Joie de vivre


Lost is the celebration of me,
focusing on just getting things done…
trudging through the task of living,
on a treadmill that goes nowhere,
where is the childlike joy…

where are the things we waited to do,
just for joyful living no more…
committing wholeheartedly comes –
when immersed in doing just for love.

we are mortals of dust
surrounded by ocean of wishes
Opening the Heart,awake of alert presence
beyond superficial reality
shredding misguided ideas creating suffering 

Joie de vivre is not finding a new haven,
but enjoying this one….

Artist for peace

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My brush strokes not for fights
but for colors of peace…
When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
A world of compassion
A world where leaders care…
A world where there are no wars
rise and so does human lives.

peace has stood the test of time
non violence for freedom
got what years of war did not.
For the want is universal :
A life to live without fear.
Want for Liberty shall will never parish.

An epoch when prosperity masks –
underlying stains of the past,
Peace is accepted wisdom –
mirrored in compassion.

Shrug off inequality
and live fearless
Look in the eyes of fellow patrons,
Regardless Of Race Or Creed
there is a satisfaction of a life well lived.
Together In Harmony , free of prejudice

Serene and tranquil is heaven.
Lets make this world no less.

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whispers from the past

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In a dark corner of the attic
I opened an old tarnished and black,trunk.
To my amazement it was filled with cool stuff,
Handwritten screenplays ,sonnets and letters,
wrapped in ribbons carefully and placed.
Pictures in grey scale ,static yet stunned.

I felt a connection with time gone by,
how simple things were treasured.
Peacock feathers and roses hidden
in the silent guard of pages
now yellowed and torn.

while I spent some time here
the confession of time.
like a weight in my chest
made me realize how we hold on
to the pieces of the past
while we dream for our future

Really living for the day is living.
outcast the calender pitfalls,
let every toll of bell cast a new dream
who cares when we are gone.
cross the boundless ocean of time ,
gone or to come

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A Heartwarming Video For Dog Lovers


Good Time Stories

If you are a true, blue dog-lover, then this video will ABSOLUTELY melt your heart. I had a fantastic dog when I was growing up. He wasn’t just a dog…he was part of our family…he was like having another brother…another friend. I miss my ole buddy and think of him often. When I saw this video (and I am not ashamed to say it) it certainly did tug on my heart strings and made me a little misty eyed thinking of my buddy.

This video certainly exemplifies the old adage that “a dog is man’s best friend.” So, for all you people who have ever owned a dog or still do…I am sure that this video will touch your heart and should the way it touched mine.

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our story is the lullaby which has
a time which gives happiness…
for life has many rough patches
but its good if you have some
people to share it with

When the day is arriving,
bright rays enter the room,
then there is no better place than this,
Even dew drops shine like diamonds,
then what am I compared to this,

As I rise each day
You are the one who lightens my load,
You bring out the best in me,
and even scold at times,
You have molded me with both-
firm and soft care ,
for dust to become a sculpture
it needs the artisan’s hand.

you are my strength and my belief
thank god I have you.


Saving a sun bear cub in Vietnam

❤ lets make a better world! Hope this baby bear meets its family some day soon…god bless

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Vietnam says about itself:

1 July 2014

Rescued from poachers, gorgeous sun bear cub Layla arrived at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in June 2014.

From Wildlife Extra:

A sun bear saved from the illegal wildlife trade enjoys special care in a Vietnamese rescue centre

Layla, the sun bear cub rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, enjoys her paddling pool

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre has just welcomed its newest resident, a five-month-old sun bear cub.

Nicknamed Layla, the tiny 13kg cub is settling into a 45-day quarantine period in a private den in the specially designed cub house.

With a mini paddling pool, fire-hose hammock and low wooden platforms, Layla can explore and play with her coconut, bamboo and rope toys in complete safety.

Layla came to the centre from the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre (HWRC) based in the outskirts of Hanoi.


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like light after a lifetime of darkness

Decoration is not really interest,
Art is preoccupied with want to express,
Intellectual lucid and clear thinkers..
Endowed with spirit’s best gifts:
Simplicity ,Clarity and unclouded reason.

‘Nothing in excess’ is the dictum..
Free of entangling superfluity ,
In the temple of creation,
Par excellence in equilibrium,
Pure intellect illuminated by spirit
understands the power of consciousness ..
then the endless struggle between
flesh and spirit find an end.

on a sunny day


I sink in a summer’s day soaked in the greetings,
Mystic perfume of the valleys rise here each day,
which are not found even in the world’s most crowded markets,
snow laden mountain peeks smile while in the backdrop lie,
the most enduring valleys, groves, hills, and fields.

How frivolous the hills are.Just yesterday it had rained.
But today it is sunny all over again.
Then life fades away…as the sun beated the clouds away.
Water is flowing down the stream,I walk barefoot nearby,
shadows formed and disappeared in the shade.
The birds were up,even before the sun came..

Evening came and the sun went down,
Wind chimes dance with a gentle breeze
Their echo lingers in the trees filled with gladness
I picked up the guitar and started playing…
but this soft and perfect music did not last.

For when the sands in the hour-glass had stopped
after a long day which lacked compassion.
I was accused of something I was not.
For a few moments I lost my cool…
Then wise words came to my head,
Just as spring autumn and seasons,
this too shall pass away…