creating your own path

c7754f22-f63e-11e3-bd82-12313b027a03-mediumIdeas and values gained by experience,
and not just from social elite circles,
picking ‘careers’ and not just ‘jobs’ for then
only can office necessarily become a sanctuarium ,

Leaving the accent of the boss or superior apart,
working for the pure love of learning ,nothing more.
picking careers most may not have heard of…
for here no rules are based on notions.
for here one does not carry only “entitlements”

Leaving the “belongingness ” of the executive suites
possess confidence by building one’s  own place in the world,
Having no early access,somehow gives happiness…

for only then is your pursuit your own…



6 thoughts on “creating your own path

    1. :)thank you scottishmomus for such kind words of appreciation …..i think we all have a dreamer and an explorer within us…. 🙂 so never stop dreaming !
      Warm regards and blessings,


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