Working in the cotton field

images (1)Working in the cotton field
Day and night I toil,
Separated from my friends and family
I now live the life of a slave boy…

Often I peek out of the window at night,
There I see the stars shamelessly smile,
Baking bread at master’s kitchen
I wonder,”Where was I not right?”
Yes I too want birthdays and smiles,
Waiting in the que to get whipped,
I see the high class kids go,
I too want shoes and bags,
Rulers not only on my back,
But perhaps use it on paper to draw…

Soon the morning sun will rise,
Soon my duties start.
I hear the bell bang.
I must go now and sweep the floor,
before my master awakens.


14 thoughts on “Working in the cotton field

      1. Oh, Sheetal, no, you misunderstood me. The words were hard to read because it hurt my HEART. Your words are perfect, easily read. Truly. (((HUGS))) Amy


      2. Thank you Amy for being so kind….believe me if others too find such feelings in their hearts then such evils of our society would end..for these words are not just penned down alphabets but reality for children around the world…i do sincerely pray that the feeling of guilt and wrongdoing rises in the hearts of those who practice this and childhood is restored.
        With Hugs and blessings


      3. Oh, Honey, I so agree with you. I have been like this my entire life, walking a different beat to the drum. The horrors my eyes have seen never do cease to shock me. What will it take for human kind to live peaceably? Respectfully? Lovingly? In flow and togetherness? If anything, the world has declined rapidly and it takes so much will power within my own Heart to not stop Hoping. Bless you for writing Truth. Never stop. Some day our Dream of Peace shall truly exist. (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. Thanks for writing this.i quickly searched internet and it showed slavery still exists.sad right?i loved the line rulers not only on my back but to draw on paper.


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