freedom writers

Flying EagleAs a balm for the forsaken alluded
Leaving hypocrisy of state
Barmy Aristocrats have no place.
Democracy requires heroes as premiers,
Preoccupied rationality ,Impersonal rule
and an amorous society
A place where equality is a guarantee

Let the flavor of modernization via
development fill this gap…
Let ideal be reality
Now change is irresistible
Charisma , Energy ,Vitality appeal
the urge for change break the
constraints of rules

It is a time when leadership
abolishes legitimacy to the throne.
Wails of people enthralled
now turns livid and lurid.
Razed is the veil now…
Freedom writer rise not just in words
but United in thoughts

A world with no boundaries to discriminate
writer’s pen down thoughts come alive
for then only can dreams revive…..


10 thoughts on “freedom writers

      1. I’ll continue to stop by to read your posts. Meanwhile, you are certainly welcome here to read and comment anytime you can!

        Enjoy your weekend, Sheetal!

        Steve πŸ™‚


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