for my angel….with love…


Inspire me oh raven…
for I seem to be lost..
I lack the inspiration to move on.

I had a dream today.
I saw my loved one alive again.
We ran,We played and jo was young again,

Then I turned and saw his sweet face,
Soon we stared in each others eyes.
Then suddenly I saw him fall…
motionless and still.
I ran and took him in my arms.

A voice in my head said..
he is no more.
I woke and cried for hours.
My heart body lagged..
Throughout the day I put a happy face on.
I was there but not…

I pen down these words,
I don’t know why…
Yes,I have move on..
Yet when all is said and done..
I miss you my loved one…

I miss you my angel…


17 thoughts on “for my angel….with love…

      1. its ok….somehow i dont know why…but I wrote this post…..i guess i just wanted to share something for which I felt bottled up for …thank you for morally supporting …god bless and hugs!


  1. Moving isn’t actually the same as moving on was before. I exist but feel empty and flat, even though others think I have, and am, moving on. Some days I just want it to be over with so there’s a chance we can be together again. My husband, my son, my three nephews, some of my friends, cousins. Seems like there should be a limit as to how many people can leave in one lifetime. But I just want to see my husband and son again. Empty, flat, and moving on in appearances only.


  2. It is such a pity readers can not give a short sign they “Like” your posting or that you do not give an opportunity to ‘Re-blog’ your posting so that others also may come to learn your writings.
    In case it was possible to re-blog it we would have put it on our Readers Digest.


    1. hello guestspeaker welcome to my blog.
      my blog’s interface is such that you need to click on a post to open it on one page…then there are options to like/comment or share.
      If however you follow my blog ,my posts would appears on your reader menu you can directly use the social buttons.
      Hope this information was helpful.


      1. Thanks for the information. I started following your blog, so hope to see interesting writings in the future and found the Reblog part. Not noticing the ‘Like’ buttons when not signed in in WordPress has to do with my safety settings (I noticed.) Because of strong security settings I have to miss out the like buttons and also the proposed articles at the end of the article and related articles. (I got aware of that by looking at how my own sites showed up on my regular & protected webbrowser and how they looked like in other browsers.)


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