keeping faith

8453200_f520They say “never judge a book by its cover”
If seeing is not believing ,
I am then a poor judge…
If you smile and talk,
I believe you with no puffed feelings at all.
for- I am bad at calculations of emotions
my response will be from my heart
so often I feel guilty when proven wrong…

Watching my cynicism I say to myself
Never trusting isn’t any more accurate than over-trusting.
I will Just take more time I guess.
I am not bird so don’t try catching me in a cage
I am a person of free will
and Courage is my greatest virtue

So rather wandering away from the crushing wheel
I turn inward to the center to be saved.
The surging sea of turmoil has a light house…
There duality wavers…
The stories of saviors enter my heart through ears.
Doubts evade , pride falls and wisdom restores

Peculiar ,extraordinary and disinterested
faith has no parallel for it envelopes all-
of the movable and immovable world.
So I enthrone faith in my heart



8 thoughts on “keeping faith

    1. 🙂 thank you Dalo for your kind words and appreciating my composition….hope to visit more amazing places from the lovely pictures you share and relive the adventure….
      Warm Regards,


  1. Beautiful thoughts nicely composed. Faith is indeed is virtue which makes the impossible possible. To power our faith धैर्य is a prerequisite धैर्य being a composite of trust and patience.

    Thanks for this lovely poem! And cheers 🙂


  2. This poem’s great! Duality does seem to waver often when it comes to faith. I like this line a whole bunch, which is so me: “I am bad at calculations of emotions”.


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