God, my father, my closest friend


There are so many things I don’t know
There are so many faults I have…
There are times I loose my calm.
Yet you always caress me as a child.

I make mistakes but you always take care.
You are my armor and my light.
Arms that hold me at my weakest are yours.
when everyone else annoys me ,I annoy you,
Often questioning and demanding proof.

Dear God, my father, my closest friend
always be with me.For it is only you I seek
You are my journey and destination
So often I whisper Help me !
Rarely I say Thank you….
But I know you are aware-
your voice in my heart is
the secret assurance that….
You listen to my thoughts
In quietness you are my confidence
In the commotion you are my confidant

A galactic leap forward away from desires
to embrace you and unlock the doors of free soul
is all I seek…with open and closed eyes.


31 thoughts on “God, my father, my closest friend

    1. thank you vw for liking my work and inspiring me …. your kind words of appreciation strengthen me always and I too look forward for your posts for they instill a positive thinking and spirituality.Thank you and god bless you.
      Warm Regards,


  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    We may have earthly parents, but we can not do with the heavenly Father. We can not see Him (or we would die) and nobody has seen Him. Only His only begotten son Jesus can now sit next to Him. It is in that name of the son (Jeshua from Nazareth) that we can pray and ask things for ourselves and for others.
    In the heavenly Father we can trust. We shall always be able to do much more than any earthly father. His son Jesus has opened the doors and restored the relationship with the Divine Creator. We may be happy to have that Jewish man Jesus to be mediator now for us. Now we can face again, day after day, the Most High Creator and speak directly to Him as “Our Father”.
    That we may use it regularly and take that galactic leap forward in our faith as well.


      1. You are welcome.
        >br>Thank you for also bringing my attention to your other poem. We all should always remember that when we who cannot forgive we ourself break the bridge over which we ourself must pass. Also by not willing to oversee the weaknesses and the wrongdoing of others we ourselves give us chains again and make it more difficult for Jesus, when he returns, to accept us with open arms, because we ourselves have closed our arms for others.
        I also took the liberty to reblog the linked article.
        God bless.


  2. voice in heart so many times i felt.sincere prayer and he is the best i believe we have for trusting right?


  3. i wrote something similar once.but the topic was hope and last line i said about god.here are a few not good like you but you just look ok?


  4. sheetal it seems you are a great believer in god.just don’t lose hope in him.i was a person who started shaking faith in god like a sail boat after watching some athiest videos.they asked if there is god why this happen that happen where is god hiding when things go wrong.there was a time i also agreed with them.but trust me some incidents happened in my life made my faith strong and now i am sure there is a living god.thanks for the like and god bless 🙂


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