The Creative Mind


I am sure that almost all of my readers fall completely in this category or mostly are in the category. Creative people are just slightly marching to a different tune. I have creative grandchildren, musicians and artists and I see these qualities in them also.

The last time my one grandson was here he brought home a new friend. His friend was commenting about my house and Tyler said, “Oh, she is an

artist. No she really is. She paints a lot.” I had to chuckle to myself.

The overheard conversation set me to thinking about people and the way we process life. The image below shows some of the things that make

creative people different than others.

Do you fit into the list a little or a lot? Do people complain about what makes you tick? Do they think you are crazy?

Creative people pay a severe penalty when they…

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5 thoughts on “The Creative Mind

    1. am smiling while typing……..what you say is so true…we act as we may not care but so many times we form opinions or are affected by ,though it is non of our business to ….. 🙂


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