one moonlit night


Trump Trump Trump
And the ground below shivered.
Small and big feet alike
seemed like distant thunders.

Flesh of silver and gold
Splitting fire in each breathe,
He is the one who breathes smoke,
Like a body frame of steel.

Though seemed like a homeless traveler
who lived in dungeons,
He flew in the heavens above.

He fulfilled his destiny of a warrior,
Flew in the valley of valor,
And the world below shivered,
for the king of dragons had come.

As he took a giant leap.
The sun and the stars blessed,
for he is the one who froze time
and melted gold with a single breathe.

Then came mystical fairy
sweet and tender as honey
Elves laughed and danced on beats
while hurrah was the word in every speech.

It was the celebration of ages to come,
A prophecy of good fortune had begun.
Tender ,Hazy and wonderful life.
Smiles and blessings for all.


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