sweet child of mine…


When I saw your face smile,
My heart’s space was filled,
It’s like I knew From then,
That you are a part of me,
And I have loved you ever since…

Your tiny fingers in my arms,
Your tiny eyes looking right through me,
for you are my heart ,
Oh dearest love of mine…
i have loved you ever since…

As I see you grow
I see my childhood grow with you,
For you are my echo not shadow,
Your sweet whispering voice
reminds me of unchained melody,

There’s someone I had been missing,
so I to say you,
May be I am just dreaming,
But sweet child of mine….
I have loved you ever since…


22 thoughts on “sweet child of mine…

  1. sweet understanding!
    past, present and future
    reflected with love
    & no separation 🙂

    for you to view many of my posts makes me smile, dear one!
    i hope some of the words and images brought a smile to you 🙂


    1. yes,I had initially thought of just opening and briefly going through.But to my amazement I did spend a lot of time on your blog….and really liked your work…..words straight from heart…and very inspirational…..and true I smiled seeing the beautiful pictures and wonderful thoughts.I am really glad and shall look forward to future posts from your side!
      God bless and Hugs,


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