a dream is the first step to reality

Picture1Design and create,
build the most wonderful place o
for it takes dreams to make a reality.
Dare to Dream the Impossible….

Take a stand for the way you feel life should  live.
Make a promise to yourself that  you will stay
with an open heart, soul and spirit
within this ever-changing existence.

Simply because YOU feel it necessary for
the enforcement of who you need to be as a person.
As a son. A daughter. A father. A mother. A brother. A sister. A friend.
As a beautiful creation brought forth in this world with a UNIQUE PURPOSE.

You are beautiful. You are special.
You are Amazing for You are YOU….
In this unchained melody of Dreams
this is the first step to reality.


20 thoughts on “a dream is the first step to reality

  1. These words were so needed today. To keep a dream upmost in your mind withouth doubt to steal it away, is far easier said then done. Bless you for this encouraging words. Love, Amy


    1. Thank you Amy for appreciating and liking my thoughts…. true ,it is very difficult and being a designer I have to shelter my dreams each day and let them grow…….God bless you too! Hugs and regards,


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