lost and found in my solitude


If I look back I am lost,
So I continue going forward.
wondering if it is so afar
from a naive mind to wisdom?

the promise of a golden crown
seems like a forgotten breach.
The highborn and the low,
the strong and the weak,
alike follow the trail……..

All fears consumed like a moth by a candle,
turned to ash before the dawn sets in.
Soon my uniqueness dances with the wind
Like a Phoenix I rise from ashes….

I feel as the heavens mist pass-by,
Lifting me with it I am carried,
Dew drops awake me and I find myself below a colossal tree
I hear the rhymes sung by the wind.
a song filled with the aroma of life’s simple truths
They shall help me endure the journey and reach my goals.
Never ceasing or letting go seem the ties of emotions
inspiriting and imploring ,my solitude soon slimmers away.
At last it seems I have found my way….
At last it seems I am not lost in my way.


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