Karma A Duty . An act .


Dedicated to the gods of ancient world,
Warriors stood in the arenas.
Ahead was the magnificent plains.
They had heard of ever since birth.
Each took the oath of perseverance.
Each dreamt of victory and fame.

Then came their master,
teacher of kings and pupil of gods.
He said “Dear ones note
plant honesty to reap trust,
sow goodness to reap friends,
water perseverance to reap victory
harvest consideration to reap harmony
and patience for improvement
Have faith for miracles to happen.

Never blame “Circumstances”
rise ,get up take the first step.
look for circumstances.
If you don’t find them Make them.
Walk the extra mile
for when there you see
there is no traffic jam .

Belief has a lot of power
power to climb the highest mountains,
Swim the deepest Sea,
Give yourself the chance
All you need is the will to want.

Let not failure clash the wish of success.
Strife for excellence as a goal.
No loss is ever lasting for ,
there are new door to open.
Thank God,at every step
for the love and care,
for remembering and blessing you all the way.
and guiding through darkness alike.

Believe the power in you,
Holding the string of my kite,
letting me fly was my father.
Perhaps I question whom most of the time.
But he patiently listen to my fears.
Assuring me of goodness in small gestures.

Just then rang the horn for fight.
The young warriors looked at each other
Wondering how could they fight their fellow brothers.
Just then they realized their Karma is supreme.
A Duty and an act .


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