blossoming beauty of actions

white lotus flowers in pond

A Lotus white and cream,
With each delicate petal smiling
for it is fragile, yet quite strong .
It Dances in the rain and blooms,
Dressed in the fragrance of summer.

Ruminating on how time flies,
Fond memories flooded the mind,
Of soft ripples and jeweled gleaming waves
It was here where it grew and flourished,
Strengthened and ignited in its mind.

Now drastic changes in surroundings confronted.
Unleashed unbiased fierce storm angrily comes,
Withstanding Inertia of mindset of ages gone,
Gripped in dirt ,learning new everyday it stands,
It stands pure and radiant and untouched.

It is the most beautiful beauty.
Yes , It is born in muddy waters and
exists in murkiness . Yet it rises each day,
So is it with human beings too,
we could concentrate on finding their darker side,
their vices, and impurities but overlooking
the existence in mud and dirt of society.

Open the world of appreciation and refinement.
Where charm in character touch personality
and Reflects in blossoming beauty of actions!


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