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keeping faith

8453200_f520They say “never judge a book by its cover”
If seeing is not believing ,
I am then a poor judge…
If you smile and talk,
I believe you with no puffed feelings at all.
for- I am bad at calculations of emotions
my response will be from my heart
so often I feel guilty when proven wrong…

Watching my cynicism I say to myself
Never trusting isn’t any more accurate than over-trusting.
I will Just take more time I guess.
I am not bird so don’t try catching me in a cage
I am a person of free will
and Courage is my greatest virtue

So rather wandering away from the crushing wheel
I turn inward to the center to be saved.
The surging sea of turmoil has a light house…
There duality wavers…
The stories of saviors enter my heart through ears.
Doubts evade , pride falls and wisdom restores

Peculiar ,extraordinary and disinterested
faith has no parallel for it envelopes all-
of the movable and immovable world.
So I enthrone faith in my heart



The designer is a visually literate person, just as an editor is expected by training and inclination to be versed in language and literature, but to call the former an artist by occupation is as absurd as to refer to the latter as a poet.

— Douglas Martin

-to translate observations into insights and insights into products and services that will improve lives – thus empathy and understanding of people helps in changing lives


God, my father, my closest friend


There are so many things I don’t know
There are so many faults I have…
There are times I loose my calm.
Yet you always caress me as a child.

I make mistakes but you always take care.
You are my armor and my light.
Arms that hold me at my weakest are yours.
when everyone else annoys me ,I annoy you,
Often questioning and demanding proof.

Dear God, my father, my closest friend
always be with me.For it is only you I seek
You are my journey and destination
So often I whisper Help me !
Rarely I say Thank you….
But I know you are aware-
your voice in my heart is
the secret assurance that….
You listen to my thoughts
In quietness you are my confidence
In the commotion you are my confidant

A galactic leap forward away from desires
to embrace you and unlock the doors of free soul
is all I seek…with open and closed eyes.

The Creative Mind


I am sure that almost all of my readers fall completely in this category or mostly are in the category. Creative people are just slightly marching to a different tune. I have creative grandchildren, musicians and artists and I see these qualities in them also.

The last time my one grandson was here he brought home a new friend. His friend was commenting about my house and Tyler said, “Oh, she is an

artist. No she really is. She paints a lot.” I had to chuckle to myself.

The overheard conversation set me to thinking about people and the way we process life. The image below shows some of the things that make

creative people different than others.

Do you fit into the list a little or a lot? Do people complain about what makes you tick? Do they think you are crazy?

Creative people pay a severe penalty when they…

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one moonlit night


Trump Trump Trump
And the ground below shivered.
Small and big feet alike
seemed like distant thunders.

Flesh of silver and gold
Splitting fire in each breathe,
He is the one who breathes smoke,
Like a body frame of steel.

Though seemed like a homeless traveler
who lived in dungeons,
He flew in the heavens above.

He fulfilled his destiny of a warrior,
Flew in the valley of valor,
And the world below shivered,
for the king of dragons had come.

As he took a giant leap.
The sun and the stars blessed,
for he is the one who froze time
and melted gold with a single breathe.

Then came mystical fairy
sweet and tender as honey
Elves laughed and danced on beats
while hurrah was the word in every speech.

It was the celebration of ages to come,
A prophecy of good fortune had begun.
Tender ,Hazy and wonderful life.
Smiles and blessings for all.

sweet child of mine…


When I saw your face smile,
My heart’s space was filled,
It’s like I knew From then,
That you are a part of me,
And I have loved you ever since…

Your tiny fingers in my arms,
Your tiny eyes looking right through me,
for you are my heart ,
Oh dearest love of mine…
i have loved you ever since…

As I see you grow
I see my childhood grow with you,
For you are my echo not shadow,
Your sweet whispering voice
reminds me of unchained melody,

There’s someone I had been missing,
so I to say you,
May be I am just dreaming,
But sweet child of mine….
I have loved you ever since…

It is only after years of preparation that the young artist should touch color – not color used descriptively, that is, but as a means of personal expression.
Henri Matisse

An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation or success……….“Creativity takes courage. ”

a dream is the first step to reality

Picture1Design and create,
build the most wonderful place o
for it takes dreams to make a reality.
Dare to Dream the Impossible….

Take a stand for the way you feel life should  live.
Make a promise to yourself that  you will stay
with an open heart, soul and spirit
within this ever-changing existence.

Simply because YOU feel it necessary for
the enforcement of who you need to be as a person.
As a son. A daughter. A father. A mother. A brother. A sister. A friend.
As a beautiful creation brought forth in this world with a UNIQUE PURPOSE.

You are beautiful. You are special.
You are Amazing for You are YOU….
In this unchained melody of Dreams
this is the first step to reality.

lost and found in my solitude


If I look back I am lost,
So I continue going forward.
wondering if it is so afar
from a naive mind to wisdom?

the promise of a golden crown
seems like a forgotten breach.
The highborn and the low,
the strong and the weak,
alike follow the trail……..

All fears consumed like a moth by a candle,
turned to ash before the dawn sets in.
Soon my uniqueness dances with the wind
Like a Phoenix I rise from ashes….

I feel as the heavens mist pass-by,
Lifting me with it I am carried,
Dew drops awake me and I find myself below a colossal tree
I hear the rhymes sung by the wind.
a song filled with the aroma of life’s simple truths
They shall help me endure the journey and reach my goals.
Never ceasing or letting go seem the ties of emotions
inspiriting and imploring ,my solitude soon slimmers away.
At last it seems I have found my way….
At last it seems I am not lost in my way.

Karma A Duty . An act .


Dedicated to the gods of ancient world,
Warriors stood in the arenas.
Ahead was the magnificent plains.
They had heard of ever since birth.
Each took the oath of perseverance.
Each dreamt of victory and fame.

Then came their master,
teacher of kings and pupil of gods.
He said “Dear ones note
plant honesty to reap trust,
sow goodness to reap friends,
water perseverance to reap victory
harvest consideration to reap harmony
and patience for improvement
Have faith for miracles to happen.

Never blame “Circumstances”
rise ,get up take the first step.
look for circumstances.
If you don’t find them Make them.
Walk the extra mile
for when there you see
there is no traffic jam .

Belief has a lot of power
power to climb the highest mountains,
Swim the deepest Sea,
Give yourself the chance
All you need is the will to want.

Let not failure clash the wish of success.
Strife for excellence as a goal.
No loss is ever lasting for ,
there are new door to open.
Thank God,at every step
for the love and care,
for remembering and blessing you all the way.
and guiding through darkness alike.

Believe the power in you,
Holding the string of my kite,
letting me fly was my father.
Perhaps I question whom most of the time.
But he patiently listen to my fears.
Assuring me of goodness in small gestures.

Just then rang the horn for fight.
The young warriors looked at each other
Wondering how could they fight their fellow brothers.
Just then they realized their Karma is supreme.
A Duty and an act .

dare for conquest


Be convinced, be free to be brave.
do not take lightly the power in you.
reckoned as the greatest of all energies,
Is to follow your code,

Live by your own integrity,
Let not the trivial matter,
Temporary success got and kept,
at lack of qualities last not.

For advancements to last
Work hard in this adventure.
Be brave, for Cowards fall back at every step,
It requires more courage to suffer than to quit

Laugh, Smile ,Sing and Trust
when memories pinch your heart.
without which–you are an empty page,
a blank book, a missing word. 

 So don’t live life in fear.
Because you are stronger now,
after all that has happened,
you are stronger than before.

blossoming beauty of actions

white lotus flowers in pond

A Lotus white and cream,
With each delicate petal smiling
for it is fragile, yet quite strong .
It Dances in the rain and blooms,
Dressed in the fragrance of summer.

Ruminating on how time flies,
Fond memories flooded the mind,
Of soft ripples and jeweled gleaming waves
It was here where it grew and flourished,
Strengthened and ignited in its mind.

Now drastic changes in surroundings confronted.
Unleashed unbiased fierce storm angrily comes,
Withstanding Inertia of mindset of ages gone,
Gripped in dirt ,learning new everyday it stands,
It stands pure and radiant and untouched.

It is the most beautiful beauty.
Yes , It is born in muddy waters and
exists in murkiness . Yet it rises each day,
So is it with human beings too,
we could concentrate on finding their darker side,
their vices, and impurities but overlooking
the existence in mud and dirt of society.

Open the world of appreciation and refinement.
Where charm in character touch personality
and Reflects in blossoming beauty of actions!