liberation from Colorism


Ubiquitous is color in varied shades and tones.
Like death and taxes, impossible to miss the goal!
Colors sway thinking patterns,change actions ,
soothe or irritate thus often decides choice while shopping.
Colors of buildings provide unique insights :
the culture and the materials available at that time.

Defined by a beautiful rainbow portrait in the spectrum
It often deceives the eye and brain by varied interpretations.
It may show power or weakness ,love or hate symbols,
it may be intense or fragile based on the painter’s intention.

Colors matter for wardrobe clothes and style.
But must not matter to discriminate humans lives.
Avoid  apartheid for thats most frightening!
for it promotes anger, envy and victimization.

A deception by definition touches everyone alike!
don’t see one as the enemy but as a person
for every individual is Unique and Beautiful
nothing is more democratic than  true logic ,
color discrimination is a tool for the evil.

Love and respect all ,look in the heart than skin tone!
For ugly are those whose actions are wrong!
Uplift your character and beliefs removing the negativity
thus bring forth true liberty in all nations alike-
free of conflict for the fundamental human right!
A world where every race and color is a citizen of humankind!



14 thoughts on “liberation from Colorism

    1. this poem is an irony i witnessed yesterday…for yesterday completed 20 years of freedom from apartheid and while shopping I overheard a mother telling her daughter how she wished her daughter was lighter in color…….


  1. today may be a big day of some sort of awareness – at least I keep reading over and over in posts about this need to heal or transform through the negativity to the positive perceptions – enjoyed you bog immensely – every time!
    ~ Eric


    1. Thank you Eric for your kind words and support…. true an awareness is often given a special day but if such awareness is practiced throughout the year then only change can come forward in true sense.Hugs.
      God bless you,


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