grandma’s angel world


Every grand ma’s experience is same :
Beauty ,power and valour filled,
where unicorns and fairies fly,
The good wins over evil each night.

I danced as my grandma  spoke of the enchanted place.
I saw a world through her wise words,
I wanted her not to end the fairy tale.
As she tucked me into my cozy bed ,
I would beg for I more tale of adventure
of a princess rescued or a frog turned into a king.

It is the most powerful world you see !
A world of infinite joy and echoes of laughter,
It is a secret well hidden from the technological nerds,
sighs of the bitterness drained ,a world absent of fears.
No sorrows last for long , so float in the air of thoughts!

All little angels in class write magical notes in crayons…
In a sky filled with an orange sun and a vibrant rainbow smiles.
Ladybirds ,deers and bunnies have tea party on green grass.
Enchanting and promising sweet world of imagination.

Granny would kiss me good night and tell me close my eyes.
then the fairies of night would come and fly me to their  world.
Now grown up I say thank you grandma for the care and love.
or I would have dared not dream of miracles and magic wands !


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