With bags packed I am ready to go,
The time soon comes for parting,
I see the rain patter on my window,
Today my room feels as my feet ….
so quiet and low

I see my reflection in the mirror
An adieu to the old is a must,
Just hold on to our memories,
For I shall be creating something new ….
cherish and share these splendid years while I turn
I have to go miles and miles away

Farewell. Farewell.Maybe the passage of time ,
dust may accumulate on the canvas of
the golden facade of memories but for sure
I know, removing the dust of time all these moments 
ever fresh will linger on…

I enter a new phase for which I am happy,
I look ahead for my past has groomed me well
installing  values both in heart and head.
It is time to say adieu…
farewell….keep well


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