Asoka : “without sorrow”

blood_knight images

Once in a far away land,
was a prince mighty and brave,
who believed faith of generations
evolves into trust for the state.

Like a ship without rudder,
Recklessly he romped the Earth.
Owning all he found and wanted even further.
He bathed in blood and intoxicated with fame:
Declared there is no one Greater.

Fleets of galleys through seas
raided each direction.
He burned the harvest fields
while his friends clapped at his jests.
Laments of pain received no care.
Arrows of desire flew everywhere.

One such battle was Kalinga,
At sunset as his flags rejoiced,
A victor he stood,like a grand statue,
In the midst of the battle.
Amid his hazy vision he saw,
only splatters of blood on this hands and face.

Just then came men in white clans chanting prayers.
Just then the prince feared death.
Just then the prince became a hermit.
He said ” Life is done, then What is death ?
This too shall pass. Victories,treasures and pain”



4 thoughts on “Asoka : “without sorrow”

    1. πŸ™‚ thank you …..i was inspired by Asoka ,a mauryan era Indian Ruler who later became a great king too… he reflected on the war in Kalinga, which reportedly had resulted in more than 100,000 deaths and 150,000 deportations and later dedicated to the propagation of peace across Asia.


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