mystic haven


Fruit laden pastures greet,
As flowers shower fragrance,
Every petal here is the abode of God,
Welcome to the mystic forest haven.

Walk forward,crush the dry twigs below,
hear their cry carried in the wind.
Perhaps, the trees have awoken,
surprisingly -after a decade or more.

Termites dwell in mud skyscrapers ,
Mischievous monkeys make trees their swings.
A large hearted lion courageously fights like a knight.
While I silently follow the trail.

I feel a part of this balance.
like melted snow of a mountain ,
Like resigned leaves of Fall ,
Or newborn seeds of Spring .

I fly like a free bird. I swim in the waters of joy.
I feel the fire of lush as I kiss the ground below.
The aerial roots strengthen me for here sky is limitless.

I am hungry yet have no appetite.
I sleep in Nature’s gentle care.
While the stars sing me a lullaby.



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