Awakening Thoughts


Never feel pride in gain,
Nor pity in a loss,
for the body is not just an integration-
of limbs ,bones and blood,
Awake -It is the abode of your soul.

Compassion averts destruction,
leads to liberation –
of perception, knowledge
and a perfect bliss.

Dare not forget that supreme purpose,
Vows and rules to the unseen jeweled crown,
‘Cause when the journey ends,
Branches of air spread before you,
Rays of light like flowers welcome you,
Then imperfection , Leisure leave. Awake-

Soak in Existence like never before,
Sleep in the meadows engulfed by grace,
For here the whole world is enveloped ,
Yet you trek this path alone.
Awake – my dearest friend !

Your destiny awaits!

                            Bliss Awaits .......
Bliss Awaits …….

6 thoughts on “Awakening Thoughts

    1. Thank you for reading my poems and commenting I am so glad you are enjoying my work. I too look forward for your future posts!and yr music is quite soothing!Keep up the good work!


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