Design Your Way Forward in Interaction

We search , We learn


“design things to tell what you solved rather that to show what you did.”

If you are a product designer, you should know everything about the materials you are working with and the users who’ll be using your product. An UX  Designer should know about development process, the targeted user . The more information you have about what you’re designing, the better the design will be.

A well designed user interface will meet the user’s task needs, skill level, and learning ability and will lead to satisfied and productive users. A good user interface will be easy both to learn and use, and will encourage users to experiment with the system without getting frustrated or anxious.

In order to understand what is meant by ‘good’ or ‘well designed’ user interfaces, we need to have an understanding of the classes of user interface commonly available and their suitability to different situations. Interaction between end users and the system is achieved through interactive dialogues.

Understanding user psychology plays an important part here.

hand gestures
Interactive dialogues vary with the type of computing or mobile application.
– Create paper and clickable prototypes for usability testing
– Rapidly produce multiple UX/UI concepts and prototypes

interaction style impacts performance in interactive learning environments.: The point-and-click interaction style is faster; (fewer errors were committed using it); and it was preferred over the drag-and-drop interaction style.

Below are multiple touch interactions we use


Different touch interfaces
Different touch interfaces


And what we visualize, Is what we make –

future of interaction
future of interaction



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