A smile is all it takes



A smile is all I seek,
What I am after is belief,
But what you show is your teeth,
Seeing your plastic smile
I see a Forever Smile
Mona Lisa may be a perfect muse,
Or is it a ruse?
She’s smiling. Yes
Is she happy?
Well may be , I guess,
Dental work is a mystery to me,
freaked out by the high pitch drills,
Numbing injections, and cold water picks ,
As a child with old school braces,
A lovely, warm, friendly smile is what I seek
Eternity seems to be in my vicinity,
That the beauty of your smile assures
I’m gonna came out fine,
The rest of the tooth will slowly emerge
if lacking molars are taken by fairies,
now comes the reckonin’
should have brushed was my prayer….



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