my black beauty

its quite funny how soon we age.Yes I remember making fun of aunties telling the age-old dialogue ” Oh you are so big ,so soon” and was quite amazed at myself reciting the same to my relative.Yes I could see the same expression in her eyes that I had always had in mine.
So am that aged already?Maybe. I look back at old pictures of Jojo. How I had found my little ball of black fur.
little jojo

The quite never resting soul who had come in a little shoe box all the way from Nanital. My brother and father had brought him home.When I came back from school that day ,I saw a little creature finding his way into my arms ,my life and my heart.

stole a bottle of coke and did not let it go
stole a bottle of coke and did not let it go

He was always so mischievous.May it be him kicking me out of my bed past midnight.Banging the door for AC.
Yet he did always let us play with him.Dressing him up with crazy things.
these picture remind me how he had aged. he closed his eyes in my arms even when I said to myself ,he is only “eight”.Oh, I am quite proud of him.He had aged gracefully physically and in his manner too.

always a winner
always a winner


we have grown my love....
we have grown my love….

dog show.. 003


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