fly to a greater height

their pictures have been painted by our long lost ancestors on the cave walls.their claws were feared even by hynes.They flew each day in different directions unknowing what adventure lay is a constant struggle for them.One day I was sitting by the window and noticed a flock of five pigeons sitting on an electric pole.I could make out their dark outline in the distant blue sky.Soon it started raining.Just then an eagle came there.I imagined them to fight.But nothing such happened.They sat there together with their predator as if facing the agony of life waiting for the rain to halt.Soon it stopped raining and the flock of pigeons flew away in one direction.The eagle sat there for some time more.I later thought to myself was i so brave like the eagle.Would I subsided my natural instinct,overcome the struggle.i found i could not answer this.only time can tell.After all time is the master of fate.But i hope when that time comes i too am brave


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