the day i put salt in my coffee

“Ek Garam chai ki pyalli ho”….yes,this was the song ringing in my head that day.After a hectic day at work and a “yes boss”slogan recited after every two hours what else could one want.So I sat eagerly in the bus waiting for my stop quite immersed in my own thought when I felt a poke and saw it was Renu,my college crush.I just stared at her preety smiling face and her expressions soon turned .She thought I had not recognized her .So like a gentleman I got up and gave her my seat.She asked me out for coffee.Although I had never had coffee I could not refuse this golden opportunity.So gallantly I held the gate while she entered .That was the day i realized that there were 10 types of coffee,different sizes,flatte, cupoocino or god only knows what.So while the waiter recited a long list of never ending flavors I nodded my head patiently.Yes ,that was the day I came to know the a single cup of coffee could cost 300 bucks.So halfheartedly I paid my bill only to realize that those lazy vendors had not even put sugar in the cup!Then I followed Renu and opened a white packet and stirred it while looking at Renu’s gentle face only to realize a few seconds later that I had put salt in my coffee.Yes,It was a 300 Rs cup of coffee with salt that I had to gulp before my sweetheart .After all a poet has well said”Ishq ki raaha mein duub kay jaana hai”.


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