open thy eyes

Abe had always been fascinated by the red riding story .She would spend hours imagining herself as red riding hood and her encounter with the wolf.She would write down these incidents as stories.But they never convinced her and in the end she would just tear out that page and throw it.She wanted to feel the rush of meeting a wolf ,the adventure of knowing the unknown and emerging out as a winner.Even in her dreams she would see herself as a trekker trying to climb the top of a cliff and see the world with her pair of binoculars.She wanted to feel as free as the breeze flying through her hair while in reality her hair were tied in a ponytail as a school rule.She felt a deep connection with her long lost ancestors who had lived in caves.Perhaps, they would have understood her,she felt.For both ,she felt ,lived in caves their only shelter from a cruel and colorless world.While they painted their life on the cave walls at night and hunted in the day.She lived in her own cave and imagined a distant land free from traffic and futile struggles. Similarly like every other day,She sat sulking in her car on the way to school.She was deeply engrossed in herself when she heard a knock on the car window and saw three beggar kids.While her driver tried to shoo them away they peeked inside with determined eyes.Then Abe noticed that these beggar kids were wearing different colored bangles ,odd torn out clothes and while the world was so hostile to them they were always confident.If one car shooed them away they went to the next with same determination .Today Abe saw a different world from their eyes.Yes the struggle she had always imagined was there.But was she that brave ,she asked herself and found the answer was a no.Never again she looked back.For she had discovered that she was missing on a true adventure- the journey of her life-her own path to knowing the unknown.


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