picture writing: Magic


“Who was that pretty woman who had made every man’s heart skip a beat last night.Dressed in a red gown wearing a golden mask it seemed, an angel had come down on earth.Every head turned in the direction she walked.But who was she?”This seemed to be the topic of discussion of every gossip in town.After all, in the strict catholic city of Rome a beautiful foreigner is not an every day site.But soon this admiration turned hostile when Mary opened a makeup shop by the river. After all, the priests termed this as an offence against the church which preached simple living.And when Mary went to the bartender for a drink this news spread like a wild fire.People started throwing rubbish and garbage on her door and calling her a witch who bewitched men.But Mary was a kind soul.One day she rescued a pup and kept it at home.The dog would bark at people who came there to throw rubbish so people started calling her bloody Mary with the Killer dog.Things turned worse for her business started failing.Then Mary thought of another business idea.She went to the city priest and asked for funds and instead said she would guard the city .So every night she would sit on the boat with her dog and burn red chilies and turmeric.This smell would make her dog howl while she would rowed around the city.This story spread in far away lands and no king ever tried invading the city for the fear of the witch who protected the city.Many believe that even today this city is blessed for often one can hear the dog howling in cold nights by the river.


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