birthdays come and go leaving behind sweet memories for most kids.It a day when they rule hearts and every wish is for their parents a commandment.Yes that was how Janet , had always imagined birthdays to be. Peeping out of the orphanage window she would look at the distant water-park swings and wonder what she would have been gifted.”Maybe dresses, purses, high heel shoes.Perhaps her mother would have baked a cake and her father lit it with candles.Maybe at dinner it would have been a feast with her favorite dishes laid on the table.Grapes fruit punches served to kids while parents drank wine.Soft music in the distant air .How wonderful it would have been “,she thought and closed her eyes and a tiny tear drop came from her eyes.Just then she felt a poke and opened her eyes.It was mother superior she hugged her tightly .then all other children came forward and stood in the line.Dressed in coats and hair tied neatly they marched forward for the school bus.but today the bus did not go to school instead today they went for a picnic in the park.Mother superior had planned this special day for Janet .while the other kids had too knew about this surprise.They gifted Janet with what they had.Little Jose gave her bright colored paper pins ,while Marty gave her the piece of cheese he had saved .Janet felt really special that day and later at night thanked god for this family she had found in the orphanage.It was autumn season again ,but this time Janet looked out of the window with a smile.It was her birthday again,Janet was now 28.While Marty sat near the fireplace ,she carefully took out the cake from the oven and placed it on the dinner table.Just then her daughter rushed in with leaves in her hands and cried”Look Maa,I painted these for you”,Janet could not help but smile.


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